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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Ava & Archer Cat Grooming Boutique is the regions only Cat Specific Grooming Salon. We service Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding areas at our Boutique.  Experts in gentle handling, we groom cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes, to show quality standard.  We offer all grooming services for cats, full wash and blow dry, deshedding service, lion clipping, teddy clip style, nail clipping, advice on proper grooming techniques and assistance with dietary requirements. With over 20 years of combined grooming experience, we are at the forefront of specialist cat grooming services.  We can provide expert advice on keeping your feline friends coat, keeping it looking fantastic between visits.  

We don't have dogs in our salon ever. We don't change our salon from a dog grooming salon one day and back to a cat grooming salon the next day.  We are not dog groomers pretending that we can groom cats. We are Cat Groomers, experts in our field and knowledgeable about breeds.  We know a Ragdoll from a long haired domestic, a Maine Coon from a Somali, we know their coat types and requirements. We use the correct tools, professional tools, not Furminators or other like coat strippers.


Regular attendees on the cat show circuit, our staff have unparalleled experience in presentation, from short hair to longhair and even bald ones, every cat is given the best attention possible.  Your furry friend goes home relaxed, looking great, smelling exquisite.

Ava & Archer came about after Helena, the owner, who had spent many years as a Strata Manager in the real estate industry, experienced an unexpected, massive, life changing event.  It made things look different in the world and it was time for a change, time to follow a passion, a part time hobby of many years, the need to do something for Helena.  Ava, she is a french Bulldog that happened into my life, also unexpectedly, not long after Archer, my grandson, left this world.  It seemed natural, it was my time to do what I had wanted to for so long.

Our customer service is second to none, our clients (the cats) are treated with the utmost respect whilst in our salon for their spa treatment.  Their owners are reassured constantly, contacted if a service needs to be changed from what was arranged, made to feel comfortable the second they step into the salon.  We don't provide a product, we provide a service.

We use products on our cats that do not contain sulphate's, or paraben's, that are very damaging to waterways. We send cat hair to an organisation called The HumSum, they use the cat hair to make matts to soak up oils spills in the ocean.  

We opened a boarding cattery in March 2022 in order to offer a better alternative to most regular cattery boarding facilities.  We only have walk in enclosures, no rabbit hutches as we like to call them, no stuffy little timber boxes, no stacking of cages on top of another.  Our enclosures are full height, minimum floor space of 1.2 metre up to 2.5 metre square.  We offer premium foods, quality litter and enrichment day and night.  Our premises are air conditioned, both cooling and heating.  We provide premium bedding.

Meet The Team

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